Reaching Developmental Milestones

Here is one beautiful little girl that is reaching for her full potential with the help of Brain Injured Children Trust and her amazing parents. Maggie Mooney was born with a brain injury called cerebral palsy – this means she does not reach the typical developmental milestones like other children, such as crawling and walking.

Maggie has been involved in the Neuro-Developmental Therapy Program every day and five times a day with the help of her parents. Maggie is supported through these extraordinary activities which include movements such as hanging, swinging, standing and walking with the support of a frame (built kindly by the Te Puke Menz Shed). These repetitive movements help and encourage  Maggie to balance and train her muscles and brain how to correctly move.

Little Maggie, who is 21 months old, is achieving amazing results. Susan says it is incredible to see the improvements she has made. 

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