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Funding Application Closing Dates

The cut-off date date for receiving applications is the 20th of the month. Anything received after this date will be considered at the end of the following month.
All funding applications/grants will be presented to the board for consideration at a meeting within that following week.
Fund applicants will be informed in writing as to whether their application has been successful before the end of that month.
Please make sure all funding applications/grants be applied for at least six weeks in advance of when the funds are required.
Recognition must be given to the fact that the availability of funding may be limited at any given time due to any number of factors.


The Brain Injured Children Trust endeavours to support families who are members and as such wish to undergo a recognised Neuro-Developmental Therapy Programs (NDTP), requiring you to do intense exercises at home on a daily basis as prescribed from your NDTP Therapist.

Amongst the different types of support offered to families/whanau by the Trust (see Mission Statement) some limited financial support may also be available for members seeking to access aspects of this therapy where they may incur significant costs causing financial difficulty or hardship.

All applications will be considered on their merits and all decisions are made on a case-by-case basis and are entirely at the discretion of the Trustees.

Recognition must be given to the fact that the availability of funding may be limited at any given time due to any number of factors. Therefore, the Trust recommends that members completing applications contain as much high-quality information as possible to ensure that the Trustees are fully apprised of the facts and circumstances.

Note: The Trust is under no obligation to meet requests forwarded by applicants and the trustees have complete discretion in the allocation of funds.

Eligibility and Conditions

  1. Members’ applications to the Trust for support funding will only be eligible for consideration once all other standard avenues of funding have been fully explored and either partially funded or declined (eg. Ministry of Education and Health Authorities such as ACC and Enable).

    Note: The inclusion of documentation recording this process is a requirement for all applications to be considered for support funding.

  2. Applications may also be considered for full or partial reimbursements towards estimated therapy-related transport and accommodation costs.
  3. Retrospective applications will NOT be accepted, ie: applications need to be specific and have future-based purposes.
  4. All grant money must be used for the purpose approved within 12 months of the grant being made.
  5. Written applications must be made and agreed to by the Brain Injured Children Trust for any extension of the final expiry date for utilisation of funds. It is expected that any applications for an extension will be made a minimum of a month before the expiry date.
  6. The closing date for funding applications to be received is the 20th of the each month, with the exception of December (where there is no funding round).
  7. Accountability reports need to be completed by the requested date, before any further funding applications will be considered.
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