“Her nickname was ‘Dennis the Menace’, because she got into everything.” Erin Booth, 2022

Meet Indie Booth, a BICT Member since October 2022, after her parents sought help to increase the therapy and support Indie was receiving.

Indie was diagnosed at 8 weeks old with a genetic condition called Tuberous Sclerosis. After several months of managing medications, this was under control and Indie was thriving and growing up as a bright, bubbly little girl who captivated everyone she met. Then, in March 2022, Indie’s world fell apart. After catching a nasty bug at daycare, her temperature spiked causing a massive seizure that starved her brain of oxygen.

Indie was rushed to Wellington Hospital and quickly transferred to ICU. After two days on a ventilator, she was flown up to Starship hospital in Auckland. After having an MRI on her brain the doctors said that Indie had suffered a catastrophic brain injury and the swelling on her brain was so severe that she was not going to survive. But Indie refused to give up, and despite the odds she pulled through. After weeks in Starship, she spent a further three months in Wellington hospital. Indie was very unsettled and spent most of the day and night crying and in pain as she recovered from her injury.

The Booth family reached out to BICT in September 2022 and had their first consultation with Australian-based NDT practitioner, Ian Hunter, in October during which Indie barely moved. A follow-up consultation, after six weeks of neurodevelopment therapy, and Ian was thrilled to report to us that Indie was on her tummy holding her head up and engaged in life around her.

Over the past six months, Indie has continued to progress and although her parents were told she might never walk or talk again, Indie is now able to roll over, move down the therapy slide in a cross pattern, she can sit cross-legged independently, and many more achievements that set a foundation for further progress towards walking, talking, and getting back to being ‘Dennis the Menace’.


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“Indie is the most determined little girl and an absolute inspiration to everyone.  She has a lot of love around her and lots of wonderful people following her journey and cheering her on.”

Erin Booth, Indie’s mum.