Gemma Overton

Gemma Overton 

I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to sit on the Brain Injured Children’s Trust Committee alongside Shirley and a fantastic team who bring to the table a broad range of knowledge and skills of living and working with a disability.

I have been a member of BICT as a parent of a 12-year-old daughter with Cerebral Palsy Spastic Diplegia since 2015. My experience of having the support of a Charity that is driven in assisting families to implement NDT programs at home has been life-changing for our daughter and as a whole family.

Having undergone 4 intensive therapy programs with a provider recommended by Shirley and the team we have spent 6 years emersed in providing home therapy which has significantly improved Madison’s quality of life and functional mobility.  

At times we have been met with challenges along the way but we have motivation and direction through support from BICT and the network of families we have met on the same journey.  

In 2017 I joined the Cerebral Palsy Society as Family Support Manager and my wish was to enhance the lives of families living with cp and to help navigate them through the journey by creating networks of support with other parents and organisations.

My path crossed on a professional level with BICT again and it is with this experience and that of being a parent of a child with a disability I hope to provide assistance to the committee.

Would you like to help?

We are always looking for volunteers, sponsors, or donations to support us in improving the lives of brain injured children. Thank you for reaching out.