The Brain Injured Children Trust humbly appreciates your support.

“Your funding dollar literally helps children learn to walk and talk…”
Whether you contribute a single amount, or on a regular basis, you help us empower our families by providing life changing resources that will enhance the quality of life for their brain injured child.
“Help us to remove some of the financial barriers families face…”
Considerable funding and support is required for the journey from injury to independence as it can involve an intensive range of rehabilitation and medical specialist treatments that are not covered under any other financial assistance. It creates an enormous financial burden for the parents/whanau who are already under significant stress, having a brain injured child.

Unfortunately, there are currently no Neuro Developmental Therapies of this type based in New Zealand. As a Trust we endeavour to work with these specialists to establish NZ based therapists so that our families do not have to travel overseas for treatment or be dependent on therapists visiting New Zealand. In the meantime we continue to find funding to enable our families to access these therapies and treatments either partially or not funded for these children.

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