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BICT relies heavily on our volunteers to provide our services from leadership to on the ground delivery. Volunteers are, without a doubt, the backbone to our organisation.


If you are looking to be involved or keen to volunteer let us know. Whether its physical helping some of our families do daily neuro developmental therapy or signing up to help us out at upcoming events then we would love to hear from you. Every helping hand makes a difference!
If you are interested in learning more about becoming a volunteer all you need to do is get in touch with us today.

Check out some of the stories from our amazing volunteers!

Bill Doull

Patrick Brown

Anita Lal

Courtney Morris

Bill Doull

On Wednesday 16 May 2012 the board of trustees held an informal luncheon to celebrate awarding retired trustee, Bill Doull honorary membership. Bill began as a volunteer helping administer the Neuro-Developmental Therapy Program then in later years became a trustee accumulating 17 years service.
Retired at 65, Bill, a humble gentleman, lived modestly wanting for nothing, but jokes that truthfully he was too lazy to work. Far from being lazy, Bill, now 84, has a sharp brain and keeps fit running around the Mount and dancing the night away with the energy of a man half his age. The initial start as a volunteer came simply to Bill, he saw a need and with practical compassion stepped up to meet it.
Through a mutual friend Bill met a local young couple who had a positive enterprising attitude to life. He was so impressed with this couple he built an idealistic view of them as the perfect family with their new born son. However, this view was shattered in finding out their son had Cerebral Palsy. They needed help with his therapy and Bill was right there to assist this deserving family. When he was no longer required as a volunteer with the therapy Bill took on the role as a trustee to ensure support continued for all families with a brain injured child.

As a volunteer Bill’s reward was in seeing the positive results of the Neuro-Developmental Therapy Program, the continued achievements of the now successful young man he has assisted and in the lifelong friendships he has made, particularly within that family. He allows only a little self pride saying he is pleased he has done something of value in his life that has made a difference.

Well done Bill, a heartfelt thank you from the trustees and members for taking the time to make a difference.

Patrick Brown

Subject:Good Sorts

Hi – I am sharing this with you coz I am verrrry proud of Patrick!! (and how often can you forward a link of a friend on TV???)
As most of you know since studying my pre nursing the last few months, I have volunteered to work on the rehabilitation for a little 2.5yr old boy called Patrick Brown. It has been an incredible journey for so many reasons.
Besides being humbled to be made part of their lives and work with Patrick, the thing that has struck me the most is how incredible Patrick’s mum, Andrea, has been to have so many people come and go in her house every day! You start out as a total stranger! But you soon become part of a great team. She has traded daily privacy for getting all the help she can get to work with her little boy and attempt at having a normal life like everyone else. She is amazing!! And Patrick is amazing!!

What’s not to love about Patrick. He steals your heart the moment you walk in the door.

The clip is about a volunteer couple chosen to be praised for their commitment and loyalty to Patrick’s rehabilitation. They are rostered for Mondays, I help out on Tuesdays. Shifts are 2 hours. We do stop for a cuppa coffee and give Patrick a break (and morning tea!)

Bless you heaps – just wanted to share a part of my life with you. Lesley

Anita Lal

Personal Story

I am confined to my power chair when out and about as I have muscular dystrophy which affects my limb and girdle.
In 2018 I completed my level 2 in computer at Toi Ohomai polytechnic at Windermere campus in Tauranga.

Post completion of this course the problem I faced was getting a job. I applied a few places through my employment coordinator at CCC Disability but was refused.

Shirley from BICT approached CCS for a volunteer worker and I went for the interview.

Shirley is an amazing person and solved my problem. She changed the whole office around so I could do my work independently. I was so grateful that I was given an opportunity which made a vast difference to me.

Shirley is such an approachable person who understood my needs with my disability and that’s what I liked about her.

My work experience with BICT was phenomenal. I was able to apply my level 2 study which complimented my work. I also helped scan and sorted through years of members files, records photos and history.

I feel extremely honoured to have worked for BICT. I would have still continued however I am continuing my study in Level 3 in Business Administration.

Courtney Morris

BICT Story

We love our volunteers!

The Brain Injured Children Trust is nearly paperless all thanks to the amazing efforts of Courtney and Anita our superstar volunteers who came into the office regularly and scanned and sorted through years of members files, records photos and history.

Now updated to the computer and safely stored online, we were able to relocate to a co-shared work space environment to just a desk and a cupboard space ! A tedious job but making such a massive difference for the organization as a whole.

Thank you Courtney and Anita!