Members Stories


1. What has the Trust funded for your child?

The Trust has been very supportive in two ways. Initially it was so Jayden could visit a Cranial Osteopath, and then, the Trust provided funding for the Ian Hunter, Neuro Developmental Programme. Both have been very beneficial.

2. How has this helped your child?

Jayden was very irritable when he came home from hospital. We attended the Cranial Osteopath visits and what we noticed was Jayden’s crying lessened and he was a lot calmer. Evening times were more settled and generally he was a lot happier. This was a huge step as we were worn out and genuinely did not know how to help Jayden.

3. How has the Neuro development Therapy helped your child?

Jayden really responded to the exercises of the Neuro developmental programme. A lot of guidance was given to us about how to accelerate Jayden’s physical needs and visual needs. Visually, Jayden has progressed. He now sees big blocks of colour and reaches out to objects, and grabs the edges of objects. A lot of time was spent supporting him to see through a Light Box activity and through exploring fluoro pictures under a black light. Jayden found these exercises enjoyable.

Physically, we were able to support Jayden to do things with his body that he was not able to do by himself. A lot of time was spent helping him to gain head control, to sit, to kneel and crawl. The Trust helped us so much with having correct equipment for the exercises. Daily exercises were tough and tiring, but helped improved strength.

4. How has all of the above helped your family as a whole?

My first conversation with Shirley was really memorable. I felt like there was someone I could chat with who understood the difficulties of bringing up a child with Cerebral Palsy. Her advice and experience was comforting. Shirley also put me in the right direction about what could help Jayden to progress. Alongside this support and advice, we were able to access funding from the Trust and choose programmes that helped Jayden become a calmer and happier child.

Would you like to help?

We are always looking for volunteers, sponsors, or donations to support us in improving the lives of brain injured children. Thank you for reaching out.