Members Stories


1. What has the Trust funded for your child?

  • NDTP Ian Hunter
  • Teacher Aide remuneration
  • Crippled Children Society- swimming lessons
  • RDA lessons (Riding)
  • Transport costs to CCS & RDA
  • Private carer school holidays

2. How has this helped your child?

It has helped Toby physically and kept him limber, all in making him more confident and independent. It is very important for him that he keeps up his therapy and exercises daily to keep him fit and healthy just like his peers.

3. How has the Neuro development Therapy helped your child?

Toby has gone from strength to strength, the program has made him more aware of his body and what he actually needs to do to help himself. He started off by doing a funny crawl and now he can crawl in a proper pattern formation, he can now stand alone in a one place and is getting the gist of ladder walking. Toby has great trunk control now, which has also helped with his balance.

4. How has all of the above helped your family as a whole?

This has helped us as a family immensely, it has been supportive for our son to do the activities he loves to do, thus while he is at home or at school. Toby has become more confident and independent, in which this has helped all members of his family and in his community.

The physical and emotional support along with knowledge and experience from other members is invaluable. Just to talk to someone who knows what you’ re going through or has been there is great.

Would you like to help?

We are always looking for volunteers, sponsors, or donations to support us in improving the lives of brain injured children. Thank you for reaching out.