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Cindy Bloxham

Hi, I’m Cindy Bloxham.  I’m a Mum of 3 girls with my youngest daughter Emma (7yrs old) born with severe brain disorder. I’m married to my husband Nathan, we run a small life style block in South Otago. Nathan also teaches while I’m Emma’s full time carer. 

I’ve been a part of the Brain Injured Children’s Trust family since May 2018 after a dear friend pointed me in the right direction in a time I really needed some direction and support.  In the beginning of our journey we had no idea where to begin  and that’s where BICT came in and literally saved the day for us. I wasn’t aware amazing organizations like BICT existed and the fact that they help empower parents with child with special needs and guide us on this journey . When we started with BICT we were in the “hopeless phase” with no clue what to do next, after having a phone call with Shirley Wilson, I was so inspired by her story, that’s when I knew this was the path for us and I was going to do everything in my power to give our daughter the best possible chance at life. Over the last almost 5yrs  we’ve definitely  been through some ups and downs but one thing remained the same, The Brain Injured Children’s Trust were right there in our corner supporting us through it all. It wasn’t just about funding or therapy but people who genuinely cared about our journey and understood what we were going through. 

The best part was knowing they genuinely believed in us and what we were wanting to achieve for Emma, that alone empowered me to do my best and almost 5yrs on still empowering me.

It’s an absolute honour and full circle moment to now be a part of a committee for the Brain Injured Children’s Trust, so I can use my knowledge and experience to help other families on their journey. I’m so excited about this opportunity and I’m really looking forward to what’s instore for the future of BICT as try and heal one brain at a time, changing lives and making positive change. 

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