Fiona Morris

Hi, my name is Fiona Morris, I am a mother of two teenage children and I own and operate my own Private Education company based in Mount Maunganui (9yrs). I have a Bachelor of Management studies and I enjoy all aspects of owning and operating businesses.
My expertise lie in understanding the private training environment and gaining funding to support this. I believe that through education and supportive teaching we can enable all students to be confident and contributing citizens, no matter their background or barriers they face.

I joined the trust to provide leadership, operational support and strategic ideas, so we can help families support their children to be the best that they can.

I have seen the success that comes from home-based therapy for children with disability. I know these children will gain significant benefits from the therapy, that will enable them to live full and rewarding lives and their families will find freedom in their independence.

Would you like to help?

We are always looking for volunteers, sponsors, or donations to support us in improving the lives of brain injured children. Thank you for reaching out.